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Beyond Massage

BEYOND MASSAGE Part 1 Most of us think massage falls into the “luxury” category of life, perhaps only to be indulged in on a vacation, if at all. Only 18% of the total American population received a massage in 2015. Although most towns have a massage therapist on every corner and we can schedule an appointment on our smart devices in a matter of minutes, this seems like such a slow increase in the industry. An average of 32 percent of adult Americans received a massage in the previous five years. The numbers have only increased by a few percent since I went to school In Sedona 15 years ago. People research massage therapy for a variety of reasons. The largest group of massage therapy seekers are those who are looking for relief from medical issues and pain. The second largest group are those who fall into the stress release, relaxation and general pampering category. These statistics are pretty black and white. Once you have received several personal massage sessions, you will see the definition of massage therapy is very vague. However your body somehow knows that something very powerful is going on for the greater good of your entire being. This right here, is the sweet spot worth exploring. Did you know massage is a health preventative? Many in this country do not have medical insurance and are trying to preserve a healthy mind and body by seeking alternatives. I will get more into how massage is a preventative in “Part 2”. Massage can be used as an alternative to narcotics, steroid injections, and surgery, but it can also be used as a complement to allopathic medicine to speed healing and reduce pain should surgery be necessary. Massage facilitates a body-mind-spirit balance, allowing the body to tap into its own recuperative powers. “RN Journal” We now have a convenient, fast-food style massage franchise in the US. Massage Envy, established in Arizona in 2002, has over 1100 locations in 49 states! Entrepreneurs like these facts. Lets face it, massage is in demand. This isn't necessarily a bad thing at all, a massage chain. Businesses such as these open the consumers eyes by advertising affordable rates and small membership fees, with added value. This model of business brings the large portion of the population that has never received a massage, onto the table for the first time. These fast growing chains are also a great way for students to graduate from massage school and get a job right away, to gain the experience they need to start their careers. That is where they get a majority of their staff, out of school. They provide training and what they call competitive wages. I commend those consumers who stepped out of their comfort zone and tried a massage for the first time within such establishments, that takes courage. Hopefully you are now curious whats far beyond this massage stuff? Reference:

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