Cranio Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy focuses on the body’s craniosacral system which is made up of the cerebrospinal fluid and fascial membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord and their connection with every structure in the body. Through gentle, non-invasive touch a practitioner releases craniosacral and fascial restrictions to improve the overall functioning of the central nervous system. This session is done fully clothed, dress in loose comfortable cotton. Don't let the light touch fool you, this powerful therapy addresses emotional, structural and mental aspects of the being.

Currently only a few of us are certified for delivering this treatment, with a minimum of 5 intensives with Peirseman Cranial Sacral School

$140 / 1 Hour | $195 / 1.5 Hours

Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic massage with a strong touch used to release tensions, eliminate pain and relax tight muscles. The pressure is moderate to firm and consistent, great for releasing those “knotted up areas.” Warm towels, aromatherapy and muscle tonics are used to enhance this deep tissue session.

$150 / 1 Hour | $205 / 1.5 Hours

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Specific effleurage strokes and kneading movements have a therapeutic benefit for both the circulatory and nervous systems. This blend of moderate to light pressure and gentle fluid motions are great for relieving fatigue and tension. Swedish massage has a relaxing effect without working the muscles too vigorously. The perfect massage for those who really need to relax, unwind or even enhance sleep. Aromatherapy and warm towels

$140 / 1 Hour | $195 / 1.5 Hours

Cranio Sacral Ayurveda Hybrid

Get out of your head, truly, with this unique therapy designed by Mantra. A warmed Ayurvedic herbal infused oil is massaged gently over the forehead, face and scalp. Dozens of pressure points and organ related meridians are stimulated. The gentle pressure and soothing warmth of the oil, slow massage strokes and a series of cranio sacral holds, allow the body and mind to experience a deep state of rest similar to meditation. This treatment is very effective in regulating sleep cycles and simply to assist in completely letting go. This session can be done with loose fitting clothing on. A great choice for people new to massage.

Assists people in relief from PTSD, insomnia, depression, anxiety, grief, headaches, hair loss, ocular issues, tinnitus, overthinking and brain fog.

We recommend you do not make any plans after this treatment and your welcome to sit on the porch near the small pond with a cup of tea. you will be leaving with oil in your hair so bring a hair tie or clip if needed.


$160 60 mins w warm oil treatment

$145 60 mins no-oil


Marma Dharma

Heated river stones are placed on your lower five chakras on top of the sheet, to promote a calming balance to begin this session. Your scalp will be stimulated by a unique blend of rosemary and eucalyptus aromatherapy. A medicated herbal massage oil, formulated by an Ayurvedic doctor, will be applied, to promote relaxation and rejuvenation of the tissues. 30 master marma points (pressure points of energy that stimulate organ systems and relaxation) will be revived from head to toe, promoting peace within and rejuvenation of seasonal dry skin. Warms stones and massage techniques will also be used on the large back muscles to encourage the oils to penetrate deep and relieve muscle tension.

60 mins $165/ 90 mins $220

Sweet Feet Relief

Designed to alleviate tight, painful feet and reduce swelling. This treatment begins with a house made epson salt soak and cup of relaxing tea. Warm moist towels, Indian herbal tonics, stretches, firm massage and reflexology techniques are all dedicated to relaxing your feet. A great way to introduce massage therapy for the first time since you are clothed and comfortable on a heated table. The whole body and each organ system can be addressed through the feet.

$115 / 60 minutes

COMING late 2020 Gong Bathes and Tuning Fork Sessions

Be ready for Mantra's next generation in healing, Sound Therapy!

More to come

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