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Mantra Customized Massage

60 mins $170

90 mins $240

We take great pride in individually customizing each one of our massages. Every person has different "kneads". Whether you love deep tissue, Swedish, lymphatic massage or just want to rest and relax, this massage will be designed by you and your therapist. Aromatherapy, the sound of the water fountain and warm steamy towels will rock you into a blissful state.

आज्ञा Anja 

60 min $185

90 min $250

Get out of your busy head, with this unique therapy designed by Mantra.

Anja is the 6th chakra also known as the third eye, located between the eye brows which corresponds with the pineal gland. The session begins with a few seconds of the harmonizing sound of a brain tuning fork, specifically resonating the frequency of healthy brain tissue (315.8 EB ). A warm Ayurveda herbal infused oil is massaged gently over the forehead, face and scalp. Dozens of pressure points and organ related meridians are stimulated on the face, scalp and lymphatic ducts. The gentle pressure, soothing warmth and aromas of the oil coupled with slow massage movements allow the body and mind to experience a deep state of rest similar to meditation. This treatment is very effective in regulating sleep cycles and simply assisting in completely letting go. A great choice for people new to massage.

Assists people in relief from PTSD, insomnia, depression, anxiety, grief, headaches, hair loss, ocular issues, tinnitus, overthinking and brain fog.

We recommend you do not make any plans after this treatment.  You will be leaving with oil in your hair so bring a hair tie or hat if needed. 

Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST)

60 min $165

90 min $235

CST focuses on the body’s cranio sacral system which is made up of the cerebrospinal fluid and fascial membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord and their connection with every structure in the body. Through gentle, non-invasive touch a practitioner releases craniosacral and fascial restrictions to improve the overall functioning of the central nervous system. This session is done fully clothed, dress in loose comfortable cotton. Don't let the light touch fool you, this powerful therapy addresses emotional, structural and mental aspects of the being.

Currently only a few of us are certified for delivering this treatment, with a minimum of 5 intensives with Peirseman Cranial Sacral School.


$25 each 

  • Native American Smudge Ritual- comes with take home sage bundle and smudging instructions

  • Herbal Ayurveda Oil upgrade -including hair if desired

  • Dry Brushing - comes with take home brush

  • COMING SOON Indian Foot Bowl Massage

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