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Meditating in Nature

Signature Spa Retreats 

The travel spa vision was shaped by the following statements from our respected spa guests over 15 years:  “I wish you could come with us on our yacht trip to Spain”, “what would it take to get you to the San Juan Islands for 2 days to work on my corporate team”, “do you think you could formulate a spa weekend for my girls group in the Florida Keys”. We listened: Manta is now available to come to you in your chosen location. The one that inspired us most was a corporate retreat at a hunting camp with the business owners executive team in the Rocky Mountains. We have found our retreats to be impelling and profoundly appreciated. Whether you have a location in mind, or you would like Mantra to offer exclusive selections, we can customize any experience for your transformational retreat.

Two Men Fishing in the River

Hunting Lodges

After a long day of hunting arrive back at your camp to fresh appetizers, a fire burning and your own private spa set up for the group. Unwind tight muscles and get a great nights rest for the next days sport.

Corporate Connection

Reinvent relationships with your valued team by extracting them out of the work environment and into an atmosphere that's supports rejuvenation and connection. Weave in your company goals and team recognition with spa treatments and tips on how to live a more stress free- sustainable lifestyle. 


Retreat by Design

You choose the location, the concept, the need and we will do the rest. Mantra has several alliances from boat captains and fly fishing excursions to private chefs and jet charters. We will design your luxury retreat based on your indivisual requirements.

Ready for a mental, physical, spiritual or digital break? From corporate team building to family and friend escapes, we will formulate your spa rituals to lighten up your path ahead. Not only will everyone feel a deep peaceful well-being, they will have an ever lasting memory of a curated experience.

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